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Letras de Against Any Wall de Makeshift3

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The time has come to start and live your life for what it should be
stop and check and make sure that this is what he wanted for you
now and again you'll slip but he will always be there to catch you
no matter what you think he'll always be there right by your side
and i know that i've tried but i've seen all those sins start to cloud my life
and now i'm here beside you feeling the guilt from the things i do
lead my your way
never let me stray against any wall or if i start to fall i can reach for you
thank you god for giving me a second change to start things over
now my life is lived for you my god my lord and savior
give me strength to spread your word and not be silenced by another
you died for us and took our sins away so that we could live with you

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