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I remember back when days were so dark
i had turned into a cynic, black heart
i began to question everything, anything
but from friends i heard the words
the gospel truth
and i thought, "what is this about some guys who died for my sins and could save my soul, too?"
could this be i wouldn't see
heaven above, eternity
how could i have missed this certainty?
because to me i thought i would since the world said i was good
without jesus christ i never could
so then i thought, " i want to see heaven."
eternally, i accepted christ into my life because i believed
nothing has ever done the same as the change i made on that day when i let jesus in my heart
and my life had a brand new start
my days with christ shall never part for anything ever
the start of better days
now i live in god's ways
born again to praise you
there's nothing i can't do

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