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Letras de Baphomet de Malfeitor

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I enter the holy of holy's
(In which) pan en to pan
Here there's my white blood
Which is offered to the high dark God Baph

Hail, Baphomet!

I am the man who has freshly
Risen from the death
His glory I inherit
Since I partake of him

Hail, Baphomet!

Decore Domine Sathanas

The great guardian
And the high priest of the dark light
Leads the novice three times around
The magical circle imaging
An intense dark-violet light
Whick slowly descends over this rite

We call you and we worship you dark goat
To assit us in our magical work
Give us knowledge, strenght and power
Enlighten and lead us on our path
We invoke you: Baph et om

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