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Letras de Promethean Fire de Malfeitor

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Enraged, I am resless in the dark
stunned, unconscious...
I graze the doors' knockers
I find knowledge in the darkest of days
and focus in the brightest
I, man-child approach the promethean fire
and if I curse the eternal-present
I'll soon bless what i am into the blinding light

Human, divine, diabolical
Evil, animal, things,: consciousness.

All deities and demons
all heavens and hells
are internal
released from the cycle of birth and death

Recognition of truth: liberation

And I shall become the transformation I wish
facing the perfect storm
And i shall become pure defying the flames
and the sicknesses of the world
And i shall become as great and strong as the oak
clear as the waters
I shall not see the gods anymore

(The first radiance knows no self: no concepts.
shapes and forms and sounds
whirling by endlessly
there is no reality behind the ego-loss state)

Life is not what happens
but what I make from that wich does happen
it manifests and in needs nothing to "be"
even rites and words
Promethean Fire!!!
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