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Letras de Typhonian Gods de Malfeitor

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The rumble of the gates of Daath blurs my voice
and the scream of Silence
Terror then Abyssic Ecstasy
God's breath on my back

I was Them
I am Them
I will be Them
I am Them

My fire has helped me to find the way
the meaning of my cursed life again
This is Magic.
The fire of enduringness
my Gods have grown with me

I was Them
I am Them
I will be Them
I am Them

I, Unspoken Scream
Archaic Ayss
Occult Spirit
untamed Titan risen to gaze at the skies

Promethean Fire!
rebellious will that arises from the divine womb
faith from the elemental magma

(217) Sigma-eta-theta Seth!

(66) Opus Magum
(00) Double Void

I call forth the glorious ancient God Sutekh
Typhonian storm of chaos
wind of Death
scent of apostasy
let me rejoice in blasphemy

I call forth the gloroius ancient God Sekhmet
lion-headed goddess of revenge
queen of pestilence
slaughter of cursed enemies

Haur Auaur
Schenaschock - Uruam
Urta-tan - Urta-Tuuunothath
the words that open the gates
of the reign of demons of blood

7 (7 7) - The totality of creation
Earth's escape
The inferior power
The Dragon's head
The serpent
The Lion
Typhon the overcoming!
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