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Letras de Unio Mystica Maxima de Malfeitor

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You, weak crawling loser
You, son of nothing
You, who live at the shadow of the cross
You, who swallow the lies of Christ!

We are the glorious light of the dead!
We are blood, tears and revenge!
We are the destructive fury
We are the reign of chaos!

Our birth is from the house of death
The union is immortal
We're born again and again
We tread upon the firmament of Nu!
We come forth into the East
And the divine ones cry aloud for you at our coming!

Asperge me
Baphomet Hyssopo et Mundabor
Lavabis me at super nivem
Per sanctum mysterium
Et maticum, satanicum, Baphometis

We are the glorious ones
Angels named by some...
By other Deamons, unio mystica maxima by Satan!

Dissipate the shadows of death
Show me the Baphomet's bury

Move your furious and dark armies
Tread down the enemy's jaw

Lucifer illumina, custodi, rege et guberna!

Deum meum, unum et trinum
Rex regnum
Et dominator dominatium advenite!
Lucifer illumina, custodi, rege et guberna!
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