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Letras de Void Of Voids de Malfeitor

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After the long breath I made the great leap
Can you tell me where I landed?
I turn the keys
I open the doors
The harmony of the tides becomes chasm
Caan you tell me where you landed?
There, where you feel
from thence there's no turning back

Guilty as the ones
who feast at my cenacle if dirty are their spirits
Wretched are the ones
who pretend to believe and then lie
spitting gold into the abyss
Damned are the ones
who taste my blood protected by darkness

You had everything
Now you'll have what you deserve
You lived in the light
Now you crawl in the most impure mud.
You drank honey cider
Now you swallow scorpionic poison

Demons dwell there
In the mysterious labyrinth of mind
Is there a rope wich won't break?
Did you find the way that leads to your coffin?

The fog was dispelled
The female became male
the metamorphosis wich leads to Self (888)
(000) Void of Voids
without possibility of Being
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