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Letras de Congenital Decadence de Malignancy

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Onset of epilepsy clouds awareness
Hallucinations disrupt temporal lobe
Disease infected cortex
Congenital malformations manifest
Calcium deposits develop in the brain

Vision impaired by melanoma
Skin afflictions cover epidermis
Innards attacked by spreading fibroma
Attaching tumors cling to the host
Merging tissue will ensue
Physical and mental deformities

Illusions accelerate negative reaction
Self-mutilation the catalyst for decadence
Ineffective treatments debilitate
Facial contortions, medication failure

Senile dementia enfeebles the weak
Disposition multiplies

Regression of ailments solidify
Congenital malformations
Vulnerable consciousness putrefies
Seeing nothing, staring through blank eyes
Fragmented psyche, ineffective treatments
Debilitating condition
Senile dementia enfeebles the weak
Functioning body with devoid inside
Recovery inoperable
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