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Letras de Cross Species Transmutation de Malignancy

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Transgenic subject designed for mutation
Reluctant servant, disposable life form
Changeling bred for tissue engineering
Anatomically incorrect, interspecie mixture
Collections of foreign cells incubate

Quarantine essential for proper development
Unnatural habitat entombs victim
Forced regeneration, heightened metabolic rate
Intravenous infusion engrosses
Construct this abomination

Scientific breakthrough accomplished
Inhumane entanglement, conjoined hybrid
Donor potential realized
Humanoid characteristics evident
Implantation successful, execute cultivation
Abundant supply ready for harvest

Changeling bred for tissue engineering
Reluctant servant, disposable life form

Selfish experiments that prolong human life
Inhumane entanglement
Procreation of organisms to benefit man
Interspecie mixture
Transforming creatures through science
Humanoid abomination
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