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Letras de Motivated By Hunger de Malignancy

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Depletion of food supply
Over fishing due to greed and population increase
Apex predator ripped from natural feeding grounds
Forced into the shallows, hunger motivation
Survival of the superior creature

Humanity the new prey
Heightened sensory targets victim
Distress impulses entice the appetite
Aggravated aggressor, attack postures

Tail thrusts beast forward
Lunge forth to claim food surrogate

Unknown horror awaits this casualty
Body ejected above the surface
Fears stains your face white
Serrated teeth separate flesh from bone

Lower half maimed beyond repair
Ignorant to this new pain
Endorphins attempt to suppress discomfort
Shallow breathing, saltwater eats at sinew
Preying this torture does not continue

Bitten in half, no longer buoyant
Thrashing arms to keep from drowning
Face down in the water
Blood bubbles in the throat
Surrounded by human debris
The last thing that is seen
Is your attacker coming to consume you
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