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Letras de Virulent Contagion de Malignancy

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Contagious agent, virus contaminates
Decay induced bacteria propagates
Crippled torsos bludgeoned smashed in face
Disease produced exhibiting virulent trait

Environment ideal incubation
Conditions viable for evolution
Harboring the sickness, ravaged from within

Trunk encrusted in gore
Blistering surface, pus seeps from pores
Infection escapes the body
Leaking cavity expels impurity

Deprivation extrudes poison out
Nutrients stripped from decomposed
Emerging death, waiting to consume
Pestilence transmission

Direct contact will infest
Pathogenic germs will taint
Ghastly product erosion
Carnage that should inter
Survival will not occur
Bacteria propagates
Spreading poison culminates

Contagious agent, exhibiting virulent trait
Decay induced, virus contaminates
Body consumed, infected with the strain
Internal feasting, increase death rate
Harbor sickness
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