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Letras de Waterlogged Corpse de Malignancy

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Black, cold depths entomb
Eyes gaze with a lifeless stare
Saltwater and gases bloat this monstrosity
A hideous state of decomposition

Saturated flesh pitted and blue
Digits chewed to shreds
Skull housing microscopic organisms
Bacterium feast on dilapidated brain matter
Orifices filled with minute parasites
Pressure causes anus to burst forth entrails

Waterlogged corpse drifts with the tide
Fish nibble on this rotted husk
Washed upon a barren shore
Entangled in seaweed and algae

Bodily fluids released onto the sand
A free flowing stream of excrement

Sun beats down on this swollen sack
Causing skin to dry and crack
Crustaceans bore through
Feeding on rented meat
Insects inhabit the carrion shell

Planting their seed
Carcass will be utilized
As a host to newborn larvae
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