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Letras de Tha Church Yard de Mc Change

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I dodge almost everythin i see, in a dislexic rage
my brain is like a light, sometimes i feel like an anorexic lampshade
maybe this journey, is a journal or survey, who are they
those who prey on my database, shud be slained to a murda case
tha murda rate, increases like peices of crumbs from a cake
you hoover some, then one becomes a thousand tuns broken
stolen my moment, that was golden, slowly my hearts growing
petrollin, in my garden its dark, un-knowing, counter-parts
i feel ashamed, of myself not god, a dialoge, printed hard
like iron bars, im tryin new paths, hope to eat rather than starve
a full stomach, to pull rubbish, away from my wife now im husband
married in a dream, carried far from stream, a ballad of a dead g
murdered in captivity, held in a penetentury, this world wasnt ment for me
i see products of cases, dead bodies in basements, lives wasted
tramitzed by rapist, murder escapist, now im tha greatest
a rap painter, story narrator, pave-tha-way class demonstrator
no-one is greater, im a dictator to musical flair
a classical hit, is masterful, tha caskets full but bare
Chorus: evil, evil, evil, good, good, good,
my people, people, people, ghetto to tha hood
Imprisonment, wrongly accused, strongly abbused, who are you?
you people without a clue, clueless and new to tha jobs you do
extremly painful, i lean to see y'all, stand or die in ur fall
reasarect tha respect, we each deserve an earn in our footsteps
that look less, yet took years to perfect, a needle i inject
to free tha pain, let loose tha strain, abuse cells from my timid brain
remain standing, degrade standards, invade public-housing
betray demonstratin-crowdings, exterminate cowards, this world is ours
let me begin with tha letters w-i-n, to win a lost course until tha very end
place bets my friends, in sets of certain trends, a peck left to bend
how many assiasinations, of great speakers will weaker our nation
im speakin highly, no longer sleepin intially, thru tha speechless waitings
recongise tha divide from percific cultures, u made tha world vultures
put bolts on chains, an called haults to change, how cant we fault cha?
i want a lift from poverty, no more misery, let tha past be history
tha chance given to u and me, is all we need, to build a better society
Chorus: evil, evil, evil, good, good, good,
my people, people, people, ghetto to tha hood
A gun shot, tha fun stops, hes done what? to be hunged out and dropped
a heart moments before ticking, now tha shots licking, flesh all it was hitting
im coming to grips with clinching onto anythin i can change
like a one man mission, first i gotta stop bitching when im tha same
were either tha head of knowledge or below, hello! welcome to tha ghetto
im pressin hard like metal, my level is extra mental, experiments pass a dental
last week, i passed sleep, an stayed up watchin tha floors-creek
they bored me, so i sawed a whole an tha noise screamed like an orgy
before me, many came an many left, rewardably, they only promised death
like my man pac stated, my rhymes can be rated, i leave u tha bacon
but these words already been taken, now u readin em, cuz this tha work im making
hopefully a profit, to motivate me to get off it, out tha closet, from a stopped traffic
turn me into some sort of prophet, watchin my own madness
dramatic whats happened to my friends now im famous? they all nameless
while im hittin headlines, un-trained an brainless, marks left stainless
make tha right decisions, cuz one night in prison, culd change everythin
tha type some listen, others see with ears or blurred vision, tha name is of a king
Chorus: evil, evil, evil, good, good, good,
my people, people, people, ghetto to tha hood

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