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Letras de Please Forgive Me de Melissa Etheridge

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It's been so long since i've touched
So long since i wanted
Then you made me laugh
And my heart opened

I want you to find me charming and wise
I just want you to find me
Somewhere here inside
I barely know you
We've been sort of friends
So what if i called you and called you again
What would i tell you
Where would i begin

Please forgive me
If i don't know what to do
It's an old fire
This familiar desire
But my skin is painfully new

There's a light in my window
It shines all night long
In the morning my coffee
Is sweet but it's strong
I carefully reach out from behind these walls
I'll take a deep breath and give you a call
Hello how are you
Not much at all

Lost in this hole
That has ripped through my soul
I unlock this secret inside
What should i think
I've had too much to drink
As my mind and my body collide

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