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Letras de It's Not Over Yet de Mendeed

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It's Not Over Yet

At first we worked in harmony
You took the void in me
Taking me higher than I had been
Feeling alive my numbness fading
Then came the cold turning to ice
Euphoria depletes to fear
I am the on e that fell to far
You are the ghost you're my addiction

it's not over yet I can resist chasing you
I hear your call I must deny it
it's not over yet as silent wars rage in me
To take control of my existence

I am the one hat pulls the strings
I am the one that took the fall
I am the one that rises up
I am the one that casts away
Your dying grip around my neck
Trying to choke what life I have
Blazing in me despite you
Ready to take you on

I don't need to drink the cup of false hope
I can rise above and return to faith - in me

You cut my sight away
I feel my eyes and let them bleed
I am lost because you're in me so welcome to my world
Without eyes my fate I see
I fight the cold encasing me
One more time I feel the fight an life still burns inside me
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