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Letras de Poisoned Hearts de Mendeed

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Poisoned Hearts

Poisoned hearts without a conscience.
Bringing down your people with the hand of greed.
Death resonates from your smile, backing the world into silence; bringing us all to our knees with the olive branch.
I don't believe in your truth.
Without your militant, without your government all you are is a worthless bigot spreading a disease.
Begging to be heard as others want to kill you.
Welcome to our world - we're glad to have you back.
Take your penance and go in peace, your damnation of the
nations sacrificed the living in a bath of blood.
No more hatred, your time has past.
Your damnation of the nations sacrificed the innocence in
crimes of guilt.
So our patience with you has run out and we will hold you
for what you have done.
In your eyes we can see that you were sent to destroy us,
this is our time to rise, this is our time to fight now.
We can build a new kingdom, we'll eliminate oppression we
can be one world.
Save our selves with every devil that falls, we can end
the feuds they gave us.
We'll resurrect mankind.
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