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Letras de Crooked Letter I de Method Man Featuring Kon Artis

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[intro: streetlife (method man)]
ooooh! we have returned
yeah, show you how to flow again (show you how to flow again)
it's the rap rule again (hehehehe) yo, yo..
[streetlife] (method man)
street, meth, we ride like a.c. and o.j. (y'all niggaz crazy!)
i runs up on you in broad days, i'm a loose link
i carry's the heaterz, always
small timers, get left for dead in the hallways
it's that ill breed, move in warp speed, follow my lead
(me and my co-d's, about to o.d.) let me procede
i'm that o.g., you're not in my league (you know my steez)
i put the smackdown, on you killer clown m.c.'s
[method man] (streetlife)
i rock for all my niggaz (i rock for all my niggaz)
that's why i hurt to be here, okay, let me see here
stat' land, crooked letter is i, we back, man
harder than a dick on viagra gettin' a lap dance
hittin' like a back hand (i slap y'all kids)
as if we in a game of spades, and y'all renig'
john blaze, not the clothing, cuz some of that is slum
(son, i'm already knowin') cut they jeans mad young
[chorus 2x: kon artis]
in the crooked letter i, it's do or die
shit, every man fights to stay alive
in the crooked letter i, you should not try
meth tical, streetlife, killa bee, why..
[method man] (streetlife)
stingy with my dough, even stingier with dojia'
(told y'all) you'll never go broke, long as i yo'ya
maintain your composure, or party over
for stank bitches, who get it, twisted like yoga
holla for a dollar, yea, and y'all ain't gotta go home
(but y'all gotta get the fuck outta here)
who stay "lo" like jennifer, won't see me a lot
but when you see vivica, tell her she a "fox"
[streetlife] (method man)
we rollin', big truck, sittin' on chrome (twistin' a bone)
talkin' to a bird on the bat phone
zonin', out the area, roamin'
the closest you could come to my style, maybe, is clonin'
the omen (i'm warnin' you now!) niggaz is holdin'
run up, watch me put one up in your colon
chizzle town, thugs in the club, like chicks posin'
lambchop niggaz is sheep in wolf clothing
[chorus 2x]

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