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Letras de Never Satisfied de Michael Franks

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Kid inside a candy store
Always gotta have some more
You love that sticky stuff
Ain't no way you're lettin' go
You tease me
You squeeze me
Well there's something you should know
I never get enough
I know I'm never
I know I'm never
I know I'm never satisfied
Go slow I'm never
Oh no I'm never
I'm hardly ever satisfied
Girl we sure can loop the loop
We can slam it through the hoop
And all that tricky stuff
We should thank the stars above
We're mated
Happy prisoners of love
We never get enough
I know we're never

I know we're never
I know we're never satisfied
Go slow we're never
Oh no we're never
We're hardly ever satisfied
No matter what we do we're never satisfied
'Cause when it's me and you we're never satisfied
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