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Letras de Let Me Tell You de Mike Tidwell

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Verse 1.
a preacher went to|| a brother one day||, said what you gone do|| if i pass away||, mans life is only|| but a few days||; riddled with trouble||, all full of pain|.
Verse 2.
the brother sat down|| and said i don't know|| but i pray the lord takes me if you have to go||. the words you have spoken|| son you don't know|| when i step down|| you'll wear the robe|.
Verse 3.
the brother stood before|| the whole congregation|| wearing that robe|| and preaching salvation||. decide|| this is the hour|| now what you gone do|| the devil comes against us telling half truths|.
be not ashamed and don't be afraid his spirit will guide you from day to day.
|:i just want to tell you son jesus really cares about you_, he understands all of your problems and knows all the things you've been through_:|

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