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Letras de What I Deserve de Minor Majority

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There are times she cried
when i do wonder why
we're all so afraid to die
see her eyes getting wet
by the third cigarette
politely ask her lie
There's so many people around me
and it tears me apart
seems i can't commit it all
without breaking someones heart
and when i'm alone
at the end of the day
there's no one to see if i'm ok
And i do care for you she said,
kissing my cheek
but you'll be gone by
the end of the week
but if i were to wait
for someone like you
then i'd have to give up what i do
I might hate myself for telling you this
but you're not enough she says
biteing her lip
you might think i'm a coward
that haven't the nerve
but i'm not what you deserve

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