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Letras de 2 Way Street (part 2) de Miss Jones

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Yeah right, here we go again
2 way street, what part 2?
the - to continue?

[Big Pun]
Honey you heard wrong, I ain't tryin to get my swerve on
All I want is you with your panties and your shirt on
Word is bond that's enough, I don't need another cat to crush
As long as you got the fattest ass to munch
Word is bond say it one more time
You the only one getting tongue where the sun don't shine
But Pun don't mind as long as you lovin me
And if you ever catch me cheatin, girl it wasn't me

[Verse One: missjones]

How did I think u were just seeing me
When u always, get all those late night beeps
You didn't think that I'd pick up your phone
And i know that was wrong, but now I know for sure
You said I was...

[Chorus: missjones]

You said I was your number one lady
But how many more like me?
Maybe two or maybe three...
Tell me
You said I was your number one lady
But how many more like me?
Why don't you look
Then you'll see

[Verse Two: missjones]

If I ask you, who's callin you this late
You don't answer, and that's why I doubt your faith
You don't want me... popping up where you're at
You better sound crazy someplace else
Cause I know there's someone else

(You lied to me, it's hard to believe you decieved me)
(Oh number one, Big Pun, Big Pun)

[Big Pun]
Hold lemme explain, I know that I'm in trouble Boo
Yeah I crushed that chick, but I made love to you
Stop flippin gurl, actin like you kept it real
I followed you and your two sisters
You went from there straight to Chippendales
It was real I know he told me
I was home and lonely, you gotta trust me
She was ugly, I was really horny, you don't hold me no more
Call me at all, 'cept to go to the store
Fix a whole in the wall, that ain't even fair
Didn't I give you cheddar to weave your hair?
People stare thought you was a model or a millionare
But now it's over and you ain't crying for this thug
Fairwell love, keep the diamonds and the love letters

[BIG PUN:] and that's the truth the whole truth
and nothing but the truth
[MISS JONES:] boy u can't handle the truth
[BIG PUN:] what u got to say for youself?
[MISS JONES:] nigga I got a whole lot to say for my self
u better watch your mouth
[BIG PUN:] wha? wha? wha? wha? wha?

Love letters and chedders, I see frames it's all the same
Tried to control the game with your ball and chain
Now you're callin my name with your balls in pain
And it's a shame, I'm in the baller's Hall of Fame
Comin late at night and leave me hurt with my back bent
Call me up and try to gas me with your accent
But that's it PUN, so watcha wanna do?
Remember "Punish Me" now I will punish you

You're my #1 lady, you're my number one girl [x4]

[Chorus to fade]
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