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Letras de Children Of The Snake de Misteria

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did someone fertilized himself on internet...? perfect murders,
in the valley of intensive therapy, they moderate the pulse, avid viruses devour humanity
they sneak in society,
they spread
they pestilence
born in pain,
born in anger
wrapped in navel
string of wire...
children of the snake eliminate life, children of the snake set fire
to dry planet, they got tangled in cobweb of conflicts - they lie!
what will the next day look like? will the pulse stop tomorrow
in the valley of intensive therapy? will the old man sink into a winter sleep?
someone sacrificed
bad meat
to his bored, heavy
with sleep gods
too late for an antidote
for incurable sicknesses...
too late to stop children
of the snake...
now... in the valley
of intensive therapy:
inertness... silence... stench...
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