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Letras de Paradise Of Madmen de Misteria

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To forget you had to fall asleep subconsciously
fly to the universe of schizophrenic visions
there were no trees in this garden
that would let us nestle in arms of the shadow
there were no walls in this house
that would let us hide in corner like the spider
there's no mercy in paradise of madmen, vile dictator rules this domain
there's no freedom in paradise of madmen, there was no sand on
this desert to bury your body, there was no water in this ocean,
to dissolve your powdered life
to fully understand you
had to taste the deceit
freeze it with warm coldness
of indifferent perversion
cold hearts, cold lips, vision of global rape only capital punishment
will deliver you from sick habit of necrophilia, victim or perpetrator?
better don't make any choice...
there's no mercy in paradise of madmen, you copulate
in loathsome trance, dead bodies seduce with helplessness in paradise
of madmen, your possibilities come to their end in paradise of madmen...
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