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Letras de Visions And Memories de Misteria

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I remember the deaf space raving somewhere
with silent picture... processions of
sleepwalkers, i remember borders of light...
moon... stars... burning bunch of paintings,
dancing on the horizon...
blindfolded by greed i wanted more standing
on the edge of my pride,
i required forgivness
i died for you
i was the god for me
i remember the legend about the medalion,
the precious stones
like gold
which was the
symbol of freedom!
i remember brightness of bold which burned our houses,
the smell of defeat and wreaths of smoke of indignity
i have been there, i have been dreaming
i had a vision of the future, i saw everything
but i do not remember
who i was? i dont know! now i am an element of the puzzle,
called universe! i am the part, i am the memory!
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