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Letras de Oh No de Mos Def Featuring Nate Dogg &

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(mos def)
1 for da treble
2 for da bass
welcome to da great incredible paper chase
keep yo bootz laced if u wanna keep pace
(nate dogg)
Oh no niggaz aint scrared to hustle
itz been seven days da same close
ask them originals cause they know
mos def, nate dogg, and pharoe
step away from da mic they too cold
da funk might fracture yo nose...nose... nose... nose... nose
(mos def)
Say my name say my name
observe befor i stake my claim
i indipendintly lay down and played my game my own two wayz my flame cuz dick riden anit my thang
i earned what they said i wouldn't
got it da way they said i couldn't but now im gettin it and they hole grill is crooked mad caus im gettin caked out for my bookins why u always askin permission i just steped up and took it what.da kids better buy m,y rookie card now cuz after dis year da price aint comin down and if u got a joint bubblin then get yo money now cuz in a minute theres gonna be some real trouble comin out, just a warning as usual some cat wont heat it da hard header always gotta feel it to believe it itz a shame da jelious gage is too short to see it but when they face hit tha cement they not in agreement. we can play nicve and decent or dirty like tha 7-1 precinct, call it a day or make it a long evening. u keep on skeemin and give me some more reason to have tha women in yo mammas church screamin lord jesus. harder then ya'll cuz im smarter then ya'll i know that deep down it gotta be bothering ya'll. pay attention watch flaco get larger then ya'll put yo pride on da rocks and get swallowed at all tha mathmatic problem for ya'll is just gettin harder to solve everyday let tha sage evolve tha do or die stay rumbblin and bumpin it hared and when we move we aint got no discussion at all east coast on yo neck and u aint sruggin it off try to bully foot and end up stumblin off. im daddy brooklyn ya'll niggaz is tha sons of new york gettin spanked when theres too much trouble to talk..respect mine.
(nate dogg)
Oh no look at who they let in tha back door from long beach to brooklyn they we rock from tha east to west coast queens solute u know step away from da mic u too cold tha funk might fracture yo nose oh no.
(pharoe munch)
Very contagious raps should be trapped in cagez through stages of wakless fouls raps ah blazin and it amazes me how u claim thug but two ways witout skytell pages im intilectual pass mo essays then motike and police paradez through weed selle mo beef then delay's plus what vent is just what u lust to vent is eve relle holla luyah pharoe munch threw ya maintain tha same fraim of mind screw yah get tha pictcha sit yah seat yah greet yah wit scripture im ah quick to rip yah reach yah pharoe and moses verble osmoses coast to coast we supposed to be tha most explosive here ferocious tha lyricle prognoses and doses just leaven u mentally
un-focused here mc's just come on round u tha next contestant thats gonna catch a beat down ha dont be hesitant sound cracks tha sediment itz seven and we medicine for yo hole town ski'z tellin tha gangs affended when im in it all windows is tinted how u seein me when im in it rap we got it on lock man stop that put that mic back down boy drop that pharoe slows blowz showz like affroez we hate ya'll though thats why nate dogg go
(nate dogg)
Chorus x2

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