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These dreams won't let me sleep
I pray to keep my sanity
I lay awake from these dreams that take every breath from my lungs, all the strength from my arms and legs.

When I walked away and turned my back on you
I had all these things to say but never had the strength to
take my arms, take my heart, and save me from these wicked things I love.

And I every time I fall (we're falling faster every day)
I'm trying to hold on (can grace replace this?)

All I know is i've been hiding for too long
I think i was just scared the fear was much too strong
All i want is to be free so take my hand and lead me down the path you see

This is me at my darkest depth
I swear I'll take this all the way to the end

Because I've reached the end of my rope and I'm falling faster every day that I walk alone but I swear that I will not run from you.
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