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Letras de Baby Rats de Mu330

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She's beautiful and political she's vegan so
I'm watching what I'm eating- if there's a hole
in the ozone how could she notice me, if I eat
rainforest beef will she smell it on my teeth.
She doesn't wear makeup of course she doesn't
need it but more than that she sees that neither
do baby rats she's got 10 causes sewn on her
sweater she'll never talk to me I think she
knows my shoes are leather, if all the landfills
have filled up how could she think of me if
I don't recycle cans will she ever hold my hand
the weight of the world's not resting on your
shoulders don't trivialize your zits your time
will come to save the planet look out the sky
is falling instead of hearts and bombs aren't
letters that says let's be friends
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