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Letras de Speedbump de Mu330

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When she skates in sloppy figure eights my
Heart just dies she closes her eyes, the wind it
Blows and she just smiles did you feel my heart pump
When you jumped the speedbump, I held onto your hand
You said is it safe to wear your skates into the movie
Place and he said it's OK if you just hold onto his hand
She can't feel I'm torn up like orange peels, her pants fit tight!
I watch her roll by how could she know what's on my mind?
But how was he supposed to know that you're in the process
Of letting go, you stayed outside I went in alone rented the movie
And we skated home, that girl I said I'm trying trying trying
Did you feel my heart pump when you jumped the speedubump?
I held you onto your hand you said is it safe to wear you skates
Jumped the speedbump I held onto your hand
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