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Letras de Jah Jah Go de Mulato

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I can't keep my eyes open
when I hear reggae music
It's a feelin' in my veins
now I know, now I know what you try to say to me

Jah, jah, jah, jah, go
with all of us
cause Africa wants to give us the sound
Come, come, why are you alone?
Just got to move your hands
to reach out the sound

I can't keep my body steely
when I play reggae music
Look the people are stripin'
cause the sound, must be strong
for keep on livin'


Yes, my heart rythm is reggae music
I want to know if it's in my soul
You've got to feel it, baby, like I ever do
I dedicate this song (bis)
to Bob Marley lion's son

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