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Letras de Maybe Tonight de Mystro D

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Mystro, Michelle, one time, two times, maybe tonight
Maybe tonight, maybe tonight

Verse One:
Met Mystro in a club one night
Approached to dance, he was quite polite
Held him in my hands and start to dance
His special touch threw me in a trance

I will love you 'til broad daylight (maybe tonight)
See the wings of love take a flight (maybe tonight)
Your desires to your delight (maybe tonight)
On these sheets of white and delight (maybe tonight)

Verse Two:
Angel in disguise, you appeared
Anywhere you go, I'll be there
Love at first sight, I've gone insane
Rock with me in the sun or rain


Maybe tonight x4

Verse Three:
You got me, baby, under your spell
I will follow you down in hell
Love this music, I don't care
The rest of my life I have to spare


Maybe tonight x7

Repeat Chorus
Mystro D Maybe Tonight 35588 1768041