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Letras de An Ode To Ice Cubes de Nation Of One Seperatist

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Hey you fucking nigger
you'd like to think your dick is bigger
but you have no balls to back it up
that's why you're sucking up
Your trying to get a crowd
just like y'all always have
can't fight one on one
because you know your days are done
Chorus: (sing along)
you fucking nigger
go home! go home! go back to africa and roam.
with the swine and the shit
live there or die if you're so proud of it!
You degrade our women
and i am tired of it
i don't think it's a coincidence
that you look and smell like shit
Afro-sheen and jerry-curls (sp? don't speak jewbonics here)
could that possibly attract white girls?
if it does then we don't need them
take your food stamps and try and feed 'em

(insert chorus)

darwin was right
evolution can happen
a monkey fucked your mother
while she was nappin'
Just look at you
you fish eyed jigaboo
do you think you smell that way
because god blessed you??!!!!
What makes you think
that you can get away with your behavior
maybe hate crime laws
are your lord and savior
Your days are numbered!!!!!!!!!!

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