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Letras de Seré (en Inglés) de Nicole Natalino

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I´m here, I have returned at last
Whit the flame of faith
Always felt, always thougth
In a new dawn

Leaf in the wind, owner of the time can be

I want to see what´s fresh yesterday
The essence of my yesterday


I will be the voice of the wall of silence
I will be the angel that ingited the hell
And see...
I do not expire...
I will be fresh water in the desert
Bring back the feeling and the world

I should expect, not being engaged
But what termini
I could go back and shine
And now hear my voice...

And now they have killed so many memories of
Is that no one can cut and
The strength of my walk...


Again I wake up today
All left behind...
my freedom... look


I will be
I will be
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