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Letras de Nasty Girl de Nitty

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Do it
lil nasty girl
yo man you see that damn
yo yo yo yo yo
hey girl i like yo flava
wish i could be yo neighba
must get comphy
find a way to shake yo perkilata
sumthin sumthin im your operator
hot mommy move yo flava
what i really wont do puttin that thing on you
butter up yo hot potatoe
gettin more dough than vapers
rims spinnin like ........
you got it all give me a call
im ballin like the lakers
hey ma now i wont kiss ya
sweet heart ignore them haters
lets have some fun on the run
come on girl get this beat
(girl sings)
i got a lot a money
(girl sings)
could you be my nasty girl and let me do that dirty dance with you
(girl sings)
(girl sings)
shake that sexy body
(girl sings)
i just want a nasty girl
now tell me is that nasty girl you
(girl..i can love you long time)
im in the escalaid
you in the navigator
you talkin dirty wanna serve me in the elevator
wanna give it to me now not later
mommys body was a dime cant hate her
what a brotha gonna do when ...girl is lookin just like jada
we hit the elevator
up corse therse always haters
but it didnt matter yo we were puttin on a show
free for yo spectators
mommy threw up like a champ
i didnt even know her name
ladys open up yo eyes cuz you better recognoise that nitty got this playa
i gotta pick my date up
to dinner im gonna take her
last time we sexed i had her crawlin like an alligator
she just came from jamaca
the land of booty shakers
her names candy give it to her nasty
sometimes i even taste her
im here right now shes dressed up
hour glass shape lond hair and make up
lookin downtown she says i want it now and straight up
weire standing face to face
i knew right where to take her
to a privet room and a full bathroom
uh oh here comes the waiter
east coast west coast world wide
north side south side lets ride
lets party all night
nasty girls come inside

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