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Letras de Love Letters Lie de Not For Now

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Starting with day one,
to stomach what you've done,
My God, the truth needs sutures.
Realized to late,
with varied rage I wait,
to face this forseen future.

Flowing from your teeth,
to paper you won't mean,
three lines that will not sever.
Motionless by cold,
too panicked to resolve,
that you're not here forever.

Don't you see,
the way it has to be?
I won't forget,
the intensity we said.

Staring at these seeds of lies,
I say tonight,
I don't want you to go.
Say goodbye to breathless nights,
I lost this fight.
You are so beautiful.

Wrapping up your sins,
in blankets that wear thin
by hands. The pen's your savior.
Focuses on words
from anger undisturbed,
by thoughts of best behavior.

This is the guild of those,
whose clothes still long to smell
like the ones who left them alone.
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