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Letras de Chaos de Ohgr

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Assisted paradigm entrusted privately decays
behaving all controlled dependent look alike display
affection for defection when no refuge all the same
dependent never border one world order it away
create a way
the mind will have to
find a way
in guarding reason alibis
It seems a way
defended reasons
it seems a way
it seems a way
alarming visions
it seems a way
A begging man divine instructed shadow poverty
a deeply dirty hiding from too many eaten needs
protection with selection cover all not needing
resentment unrelenting change to self destructive means
It seems a way
poor execution
it seems a way
it seems a way
each from a center
it seems a way
Addicted horrified abducted outwardly betray
removing all below collective consciousness
ascension from depression which cover chosen all the same
pretend it doesn't matter the world orders it away
Ask as if to find
traces out of time
back chews on itself
a turn that says it all
Inserting all the tools upon the broken talking dog
if fleeing dirty shadows off of drawings on the wall
a funded self of science from disorder and decay
its chaos makes you crazy and the realist left to say

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