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Letras de Driven de Orphanage

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Empty your own head.
River of the world.
No one would oppose.
None'll harm you.
So you wish to leave it all behind.
See it from the start.
Again shine.
Never felt so untrue about you.
In reality you'll see innocence.
Trampled in the dirt.

With harmful intent I butchered your face.
Waiting to see disgrace.
Get away.
Get away from me.
Never seem to get me anywhere.
But right here.
Praying makes no sense.
Now I'm to deal with me.
The easy part is taking yourself inside.
But somehow I'm driven to feel.
Now I'm to bow down.
The way.
To control all fear.
To be free of all confusion and furthermore.
Is to live in the land of the void.
Into the light.
Empty the boat.
Nothing is mine at all.
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