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Part of my life, from the cradle to the grave, for better for worse.
I feel a sign of life inside of me.
The tender movements force to make me see.
And then I realize. You will be my demise.
Waiting for months, prepare for what will be.
I'll guide you through your life and make you see.
I am your guard. All you'd be I have at heart.
You'll learn the world to know. It won't be easy to watch you grow.
Part of my life, from the cradle to the grave, for better for worse.
Part of my life. You make me feel strong.
Cause here with us is where you belong.
For better for worse to bring you near.
I'd give my life to end your fear.
There'll be a time for pride, a time for shame.
But in my heart you'll always stay the same.
And still I'd realize, you're in this world of lies.
I pray for your health. I fold my hands.
A whispering voice that reassures me
Clouds packing. The earth is rumbling low.
Calls of nature around the sky they flow.
Terrifying heat and shivering cold.
Our minds melt together like it's doomsday.
You are not alone, so have no fear.
I know that I'd give my life away!
In times of sorrow, in times of grief.
There's no need for looking.
You just wait for your relief.
In times of sorrow. You kneel down and you pray.
There's no need for fighting.
Our instincts will lead the way.
Don't fear!
Through the leaves the cold wind whispers.
Sparkling thin rays of moonlight.
My arms will keep you warm.
So close your eyes. I'll be near you.
Sleep... sweet... dreams...
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