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Letras de Journey Into The Unknow de Orphanage

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Into the void of a blackness you despise
I throw your sanity in the pit of your demise
Your mind is losing all grip on reality
My game has begun now, you will suffer just like me
Your vision has been blinded by the guilt in your own soul
Your hearing is mistreated by your own screams while I laugh
Feelings have been blunted by what you have done to me
Time for my revenge has come, the last day you will be
Oblivion will attach to you when you lose the grip on yourself

Without anything to look forward to because you're blind as of
But I can see you clearly, can hear you screaming inside your
And it pleases me, it feeds me, my goal is in sight!
My name's Mr. Conscience and I have destroyed your life
You think I'm a poltergeist but I'm only in your mind
You've become a vegetable drooling in your bed
I think you have paid the price so I'll let you die instead
Why does this journey end in the unknown?
That's when you realize you had to die like me!
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