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Deus, Deus canticum, Deus, in nominee.
Tuo, Tuo salvum me, Deus, eripe me.
Is there a world, is there another side?
Where there's still belief in that one miracle.
Where you can't tell your dreams from what is right,
Where you can't see if someone speaks Truth or Lies
Struck by sound.
I'm just a blind man, hit by a restless soul.
My eyes couldn't warn me now, but my hearing took control.
Too late, why didn't he see, he must have heard anything but me.
Too late, I did not sense, he tears down the invisible fence.
What seemed like a shadow,
What seemed an imaginary friend.
What is seen as a vision,
Is what really matters, when you've reached the end.
The man you've hit is, bleeding and you fear.
Will this man survive, will his help be near?
I saw his face before, looked into his eyes.
They gazed into the dark, it felt as they were mine.
In the freezing night, a wind rose up and asked for answers.
A choir of boys sang joyful with delight.
Warm and sweet the sound,
filled their heart and mind with memories.
As they remembered what they kept inside.
Raise, your, raise your head.
Say, no, say no more.
Tell, his, tell his name.
Step, out, out that door.
Miserere mei Deus, miserere Jesu Christe,
Qui natus es de virgine, Miserere mei Deus.
We had left as friends,
With forgiveness in our heads.
Both victims and suspect,
We do feel that.
Now it's time, time to change
Eripe me
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