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Letras de White Dust de Otto Dix

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By the nights we going away to our dark realms,
Strew with the white ash our burning wounds.
And the sky will punish us for all our dreams.
But nobody will rule, nobody will hear

Nobody is needed, we loves nobody.
We’ll be such not as all other mankind.
We sold our souls to the shades so cheap.
Somebody infuses the poison of devotion to our ears.

The strip of white ash - our eternal block.
There is no pain nor fear at the place, where we going.
Our time as the water flows away through the fingers.
There, where we going, nobody will catch us.

Just that, who is liable to doubts may survive
Who could pretend to be his own shade.
Not to feel compassion, not to feel pity -
that’s all what we may, that all remained for us.
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