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Letras de I Need Some Time de Oval Opus

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Scary stories of a world falling apart.
sadness echoes from a child's broken heart.
is there anyway to ease all of this pain?
we all pay retribution for mistakes that we make.
I need sometime to get back on my feet again.
i need sometime to find the answer in my head.
i need sometime; i know freedom can be found.
i need sometime.
Life is seldom fair, that's a lesson we've all learned.
racing time to try to mend the bridges that we've burned.
i've pulled so many threads from a blanket i can't sow.
but through these holes i can see a place where love can grow.
Don't you tell me that there's no way
i've come so far i cannot turn back.
i've set my eyes on the place i want to be
and someday i will arrive.

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