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Letras de Say Anything de Oval Opus

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She walks softly cross the room
tears are pouring down her face
words spoken from her lover
words she never thought she'd hear.
“i can't be here anymore,
this isn't the life you waited for,” his final words then walked right out the door
All her friends say it's ok,
see they never liked him anyway
the said he was the kind of guy who would not stay
i think she needs somebody else
time to make a new life for herself
one last cry of suffering
Say anything you want to
believe anything you need to
if it will take away your pain
Imperfection is my own reflection
next to your grace and beauty
i'm broken, shatter, scarred
it's this that kept me from letting you accept me
as i am, this foolish man that you had better off discard
I never wanted to hurt you
i walked away so you could find somebody who
would always be with you
don't you doubt i still miss you
i was chasing a dream that would keep me far away
each and everyday,
guess i did what i had too
i set you free so you could find the happiness i failed to bring you
So try, try and live without me
i know you're better off without me
i only want to take away your pain.

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