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Letras de Someday de Oval Opus

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They tell me it's a joke, but a fool i'll never be
they walk and talk behind my back as though i could not see
they tell me there's no chance, affection all worn thin
but i know someday even if they try, i'll be back again
Someday i'll walk through my disarray
betrayed, perplexed i'll over come to see the light of day
Early morning sunday blues, and coffee with it too,
makes it hard to find my way, even though i often do
and i struggle with my mind and soul but no one really wins
i'll just hop that train and ride and hope to find the end
It's hard to believe that you're no longer here with me
but looking back i know it's something that i should have seen
well i tried to tell you something and you walked away
still searching for answers each and every day
And every time i try to see and every time i see,
every time i got to find oh..
Embrace in a hug you reached for the door
so now i know why you're not here no more
and there's a picture perfect painting on the canvas of my heart
and someday, well you'll be just a memory, and i won't know your name... yeah
I found out today, i heard it from them,
so have fun holding on to my girlfriend
wishing you well and best to you,
we'll talk again when i got nothing to do
So i cant see the way you are playing games
you know that its so true, the way i found you
when i was standing by the sea,
the magic of the history,
on a starry night
Cause that's you and me (magic of the history)
just you and me (magic of the history)

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