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Letras de The Exile de Pan Morigan

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Farewell, farewell dear home of mine, since i must part from you
and yet, and yet, i hesitate to speak my last adieu
i do not say adieu, a stor, i do not say adieu
for though i sail the deep blue sea. i still remember you
Oh, stormy are the ocean ways, and deep with wild unrest
but wilder is the surging grief that rips me from my rest
and murmurs in my vacant heart, cold on these wild seas
and i wonder if my island shores will still remember me
I wander on my lonely way, and bitter is my road
i wish somehow i could go home, if fate would have it so
alone i seek the lonely ways, across the lonesome world
small wonder that the coils of grief around my heart are curled
No mate i knew, no child was mine, no lover do i mourn
the fullness of my love was yours, nor did i seek return
and where now can i find repose, far from the land i mourn
companion to a haunted heart that hungers to return

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