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Letras de Crazy de Patricia Bermúdez

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Crazy yeahyeah....

You're making me act like a stranger
I'd met you twice, seconds of danger
I don't know you well yet though your eyes
are antique as the skies

You're making me twist and turn everyday
I'm imagining more than ever just dreaming away (like a)
New line in the horizon
Today is the first day

Crazy yeahyeah...

Let's fall in love, let's go crazy on each other
I'm not afraid, no need for undercover
Let's fall in love underneath the stars
Take me to Venus, take me to Mars

It is crazy, crazy how lovely you are
It is crazy, crazy how lovely you are
I am so crazy lovely in love
It is crazy, crazy how lovely you are

Precious you're surreal
Want you to know how you make me feel
You're the brightest light around
You're the most sublime sound
The most sublime sound I've found and it's...

Crazy yeahyeah...
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