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Letras de Penzance de Patrick Wolf

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In a time of loneliness
I fell into your strong open arms
And in those arms you loved me well
You hid me in your calm

And in that calm we headed south
Knowing nothing of my demons

There were devils in the winds that night
Walking fire among the hills
And many voices called me out to the cliffs
But you held me safe
You wrestled me still

Wiping the black blood from my mouth
Speeding into nowhere

It starts in Penzance where the winds are born
And follows the track of this train
And just like this love coming back for you
It will come back for me again

"What a beautiful town!"
I shouted out.
Oh, but what a terrifying view..
You know I wrestled with my bruised hours
Just to lie there next to you

Deep in the dark heart of the south
Speeding into nowhere

My love, Come stop me
I am haunted and possessed
And with my darkest hour yet to come
It's only you, only you can stop me

Come back to Penzance where the winds are born
Just follow the tracks of this trains
And just like this love calling out for you
It is calling me out again...

So come stop me
Only you can stop me
Stop me
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