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Letras de Imagine That de Patsy Cline

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Written by justin tubb
(as released by patsy cline 5/7/62)
Imagine me still lovin' you
after all you've put me thru
well, i can't help it, i just do
imagine that, and that's not the half
Imagine this, if you can
i've stood more, more than i should stand
but i'd still take you back again
imagine that, ain't that a laugh
Can you believe i'd swallow my pride
well, yes, yes, i guess you can
'cause you know you've always had my foolish heart
right in the palm of your hand
So, for what it's worth to you
it just don't matter what you might do
'cause i'm still waitin' and lovin' you
imagine that, ain't that a laugh
(repeat last verse)

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