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Letras de June de Penfold

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This space starts out empty and i know it can't hurt more than it already does
and it all falls down around me and hits me in the face and falls onto the ground
and i wish that i could understand why i'm so upset to see these things i'll never have
my hands shake with anger and my eyes fill up with tears that taste like salt
and it's hard to get up; too hard to pick myself up off the ground
laughing at me, if i could
wondering by myself, if i could
i was lost at sea and you let me drown
to walk for miles, let the rain soak me until i smile
it's getting late, but i don't mind
i'm holding onto hands as drenched as mine and for the first time in my life
i want to cry and laugh at the same time
and i'm happy because this space has been filled by her
how could you say no, you should have come over and kissed me

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