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Letras de The Last Bewitchment de Penumbra

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Body lies on the floor
Very sick complexion
Movements drive your lips
No more words and no more breath

I can feel my tears
Running on my cheeks
I can feel my reason
Leaving my body

I can feel spirits
Turning above me
My will is not very powerful
And my consciousness is fading out

To a world of dreams and grief
To the world of no return
With my ultimate forces

To life I cross the door
I wake up in your arms
But I can't move
Pallid eyes, stare away
Soul jammed, between two worlds

A lot of bewitch cries
In an infernal circle
This light I can touch
It's the way of return

This ligth is going out
To the world of no return
I stand as a wolf
Trying to break the spell
Your soul's in time

Lastly your gaze at me
You in your dreams you are lost
And all these silent questions
I will not answer
Cause they suggest your fall
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