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Letras de Man In Uniform de Pete Yorn

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Man in uniform told me
he wants to get out
didn't see it coming
head in from the west
and it's he who choose
to reach another level
i never even saw it
before today
sew his uniform
paint a different circle
can i wonder how
you never let me down?
if it's we who choose
i'll reach another level
to be that one
who never lost a day
but it's he who choose
i'll reach out for the takers
i never saw them
make it in a scene
man in uniform
wants to get out
he didn't see it coming
blaze in from the north
so it's they who choose
i'll reach out for beginners
i know you could not miss it,
it's a date!
a little while :
just for a little while
i know you never wanted it this way
i can see, i can see.

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